To be located in Fayette, Jefferson County, Mississippi, Delta Greens’ 3-acre indoor hydroponic facility will have access to selling our exceptional produce to approximately 4 million people, serving the community along with major metropolitan cities within a 300 mile radius, such as, Jackson, MS, Baton Rouge, LA, New Orleans, LA, Shreveport, LA and Mobile, AL. 

Delta Greens is excited about the potential to provide economic and employment opportunities in the historically underserved community of Jefferson County, while also establishing a base from which future economic growth can be realized.


Minority Owned
Premium Quality
Safety & Transparency
Customer Centric
Sustainable & Local
Always Pesticide Free


Our core values are based on living in accordance with our tagline, Our Community. Our Planet. Your Health.™” 

We believe in being a part of the community, to plant roots where we work. Whether it be Providing access to fresh, clean, safe, nutritious and delicious greens locally; Creating positive, healthy jobs; Building partnerships with local institutions; Collaborating with our customers; and Tying 10% of our profits right back into the community, we will do all these things and more to make the community we serve a better place. 

We also believe in preserving and respecting our planet, by responsibly using our scarce natural resources, which in turn benefits the future of all our children.

Lastly, we believe that without your health, you have nothing. While our products will be fresh and full of flavor, they will also deliver on nutrition, safety, traceability and transparency. Never will our products be exposed to pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.


To become a leader in growing not just hydroponic produce, but also the community in which we serve.


Our mission is to be the premier source of delivering produce local customers and consumers want and crave. This will be accomplished through an experienced team of passionate leaders who deliver produce with care, pride and skill.