Mr. Guice has invested the entirety of his 35-year career serving his community from the state to the local level. His career began teaching mathematics at Alcorn State University, during which time he also sat on the Faculty Senate. Mr. Guice also effectively served as Jefferson County tax assessor/collector for the state of Mississippi. In addition, Mr. Guice successfully, and profitably, managed and owned a payday loan company licensed by the state of Mississippi. Throughout his whole career, Mr. Guice has held numerous board positions, from member of Jefferson County Board of Supervisors, to Legislative Chairman of Mississippi Assessor and Collector Association, to leading as Board Chairman for 22 years at Jefferson County Hospital Board and Nursing Home Board. His strengths lie in having a savvy financial acumen, asset assessment, quality control, problem solving, listening to, empathizing with, and uniting the community at the local, state and federal levels. Mr. Guiceā€™s unrelenting desire to give back to his community, especially its youth, has been the driving force behind his success. Mr. Guice impressively achieved both a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics from Alcorn State University by twenty years of age.