In the US, almost half of the produce consumed is imported from Mexico, Central America, or even more remote locations, typically arriving at grocery stores 5-7 days after harvest. By that point in time, the produce has lost vital vitamins, nutrition, and freshness along the way. 

Our goal is to deliver produce within a 2-3 hour radius of our facility, offering local, fresh, living produce to over 4 million consumers. Our produce will be picked at the height of its freshness, and delivered to supermarkets and wholesalers within a day of harvest.

Delta Greens products also address the top issues driving consumer trends:


Delta Greens will use hydroponics, an ancient method of growing plants without soil, utilizing purified water and liquid nutrient solutions to enable plant growth. This technique ensures the highest quality produce without the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.  

While there are many ways to grow hydroponically, Delta Greens has selected the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) process. NFT has generally been recognized as the single best way to grow fancy lettuces and other leaf crops, including several varieties of herbs. The NFT has already been proven by the world’s leading growers to be the most efficient, most productive, and most profitable method in which to grow.


Our method of growing offers countless benefits to both the customer and consumer. Dare we say even more than organic produce?

Grow 24/7, 365 Days/Year

Providing optimum growing conditions year-round means having an advantage over traditional farmers to grow/provide items that are typically out of season. Reliability and ability to buy high-quality product year-round is a key selling point to Chef’s/Retail Chains and the reason they will pay a premium both in and out of season.

No Pesticides, Herbicides and Other Chemicals EVER

Surprisingly, organic does not equal pesticide-free, they are permitted to use and do use pesticides. While sometimes they are natural, other times they are not. Growing, harvesting, and packing in a fully enclosed grow space allows for the highest level of control over pests and disease without the use of harmful chemicals.

Controlled Environment

By creating a virtually sterile environment and having sound agricultural technology that enables us to adjust a crop’s environment to create optimal growing conditions and optimize plant production, we are better positioned to manage costs, have less waste, and more reliable production.

Superior Quality

Our method of growing, harvesting, and packaging produces an exceptional product. By leaving the root system intact, the product remains ALIVE giving the consumer the product they deserve.


Delta Greens believes in doing our part to conserve our natural resources. Our growing method allows us to do just that.

Less Water

Hydroponics requires 1/10th of the water consumed by conventional farming methods.

Less Land

Delta Greens can produce up to 4-10 times the yield per acre (crop dependent) of conventional farming.

Less Fuel

By producing and delivering locally, less than 300 miles (vs. an average 1,682 miles), we can significantly reduce pollution generated from fossil-fuel delivery vehicles.

CO2 Reduction

More greens produced per acre means more CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere.

Clean H2O

No fertilizer or sediment run-off means no pollution of steams and drinking water supplies. Instead, our nutrients are mixed into recirculated water in a continuous-flow, closed loop system.


Initially, our 3-acre facility will focus on growing superior quality leafy greens and herbs. Important to note, we have the capability of creating proprietary blends for our customers.


Flavor is spicy and nutty, and a popular choice for brightening up salad mixes.

Red Butter

Tender and sweet, our butter lettuce has timeless flavor and texture. One of our most attractive plants we cultivate.

Green Butter

Tender and sweet, our butter lettuce has timeless flavor and texture.

Baby Red Leaf

A tender and sweet lettuce with a rich, crisp texture.

Baby Green Leaf

A tender and sweet lettuce with a rich, crisp texture.

Green Oak

Super tender leaves with a wonderful, sweet flavor compliment this classic oak leaf shape.

Red Oak

The same classic leaf shape as our green oak, but with a beautiful deep red hue. A wonderful addition to add color and flavor to any field salad.

Spring Medley

A tender mix of over 15 varieties of baby leaf lettuce. Cultivators include oak leaf, green leaf, romaine, Lolla Rosssa, and other carefully chosen leafy lettuces.


Our baby leaves of Lacinato Kale are guaranteed to be the sweetest and most tender available in the market.

Flashy Trout

A dark green-leaved romaine splashed with wine-red speckles. Your taste buds will like it too, for its rich buttery flavor.

Micro Greens

Packed with flavor and nutrients, micro greens are perfect as toppings, garnishes, and added flavor.


A special blend of Mustards, Wasabi greens, delicate Cabbage, Choy, Mizuna, and Broccoli leaves.


Typically used in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, the most common and widely available form of basil has a fresh, subtly sweet flavor and aroma. 


A strong, distinctive-smelling herb that is often used in Mexican and Indian cooking. 


Italian Parsley

Given its clean, slightly peppery taste, Italian parsley is an extremely versatile herb and can be used in a variety of dishes. 


A deliciously fresh grassy and celery profile, with a slightly citrus-like undertone. Complements seafood dishes particularly well and pairs with hearty foods such as potatoes.